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Archive for the 'Political' Category

09 Mar

Legally Speaking My Phone is Me

I have always loved technology.  When I was just a dirty haired kid growing up in Pennsylvania I couldn’t get enough of tech.  I was the kid who took apart his perfectly working flip style digital alarm clock and put it back together minus a couple of missing half numbers.  If you are old enough […]

13 Nov

Why Title II is the solution for Net Neutrality

Recently President Obama made a statement regarding Net Neutrality and Title II.  I am here to say I couldn’t agree more.  I have been following the debate about Net Neutrality and the various pros and cons.  For the most part the only option I see for continuing the open free expression that is for the […]

27 Jul

The Middle Class is becoming the Digitally Poor Class

I’m old enough to remember going into friends houses and seeing their display of culture and knowledge in physical form. Want to know what books someone has read, the movies and music they like.  You could by taking the tour, interacting with your host and learning many insights into their personality. Are you interested in […]

01 Dec

WikiLeaks website kicked off Amazon’s servers

Some say the cloud is great.  Here is a good example of where it is not.  Wikileaks did nothing wrong to Amazon, amazon simply made a political and what it thinks is a better monetary decision and wikileaks a customer in good standing is kicked off.  What has happened to customer service, the customer is […]

28 Nov

Background dope on dhs recent seizure of domains

Complete Re-post of As has been reported, it looks like ICE, which is the principal investigative arm of DHS, has begun seizing domains under the pretext of IP infringement. But it’s actually not ICE who is executing the mechanics of the seizures. It’s a private company, immixGroup IT Solutions. Here is what is going […]

17 Feb

Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2008 – HR 5353

I recently read this bill via OpenCongress, you can reach it directly here. For the most part I find this bill a descent start however I’m puzzled as to why it has to be this complicated. Section 2 starts out all well in good, congress recognizes how important the internet is, the importance of the […]

09 Feb

The Healthy, the not so Healthy and the Costs

Dan Carlin in his Feb 8th, 2008 podcast brings up a good point about society and healthcare. People who want to force what they think are healthy habits on citizens under the gise that it will cost the american people ie the US Government less money may be missing something. At the very least we […]

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