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16 Apr

Elowah Falls, Oregon

Apr 16, 2011 – I headed out about 10am from home and the weather looked dry.  By the time I was rolling past I-84 Exit 28 the rains where coming down.  I pressed on as the falls is 290 feet long.  I couldn’t wait to see it.  Hiking the Columbia Gorge calls this hike easy.  It wasn’t hard but easy?  Maybe not.  The start of the trail was semi-flat, a nice easy rise.  Once I arrived at the highest point I was looking at many many switchbacks.  I thought to myself, Hmm, this might be fun on the way back.  I had put my nikon 105 macro on at the start of the hike and now switched to my nikon 24-70f2.8 zoom as I could not only hear the falls I could see it.  Wow, it is worth the hike.  There where probably 15 people in various groups as I made my way there, strangely on the way back I saw nobody.  I’m not sure if I just took enough time that they had finished the hike or if they had all gone to the upper trail.  At any rate, there isn’t really any good vantage point on the to the bottom of the falls.  Once you are close to the trail end and the falls, the shear beauty of this falls and the power of the water flow is breath taking.  I went about as far as I could without getting my camera gear completely soaked and setup my tripod.  I got several shots of the falls and several of the lower rapids.  I then walked back after switching to my macro lens again.  I took a couple of macro shots but the trail doesn’t have alot of flowers or interesting vegetation, at least not at this time of the year.  Of course when I got back to the car the rain had stopped.  In the Main Elowah photo my lens just wouldn’t stay dry.  I need to figure out how to protect it without compromising the picture.

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